Altair Medical’s Respmeter is designed to monitor breathing in real-time, alerting you, your household members, or emergency services where life-threatening changes occur.
This level of monitoring is normally only available in hospitals where doctors and nurses directly monitor your breathing.
Altair’s technology uses Artificial Intelligence to accurately monitor large numbers of patients in any location at any time.

Respiratory Monitoring

Bringing hospital grade respiratory monitoring into the home

Novel Biosensor

Our specially designed wireless biosensor is one of the smallest available. It transmits data to the cloud using a gateway device.

Remote Monitoring

Biosensor data is analysed in the cloud by algorithms that use machine learning to enhance accuracy.

Emergency Alert

Being developed to detect abnormal breathing associated with a number of life-threatening conditions.

Track Your Breathing

Monitor your breathing for long periods, comfortably and accurately.


Designed for home use or in a healthcare setting.

Note: Performance characteristics are not yet established

Latest news

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Altair Medical secures $3.1m in Pre-Series A financing

– UK based Altair Medical today announced it has secured £2.25m ($3.1m) of Pre-Series A funding to further develop its respiratory sensor and real-time monitoring platform. The service uses AI to detect and alert to adverse events from a range of breathing problems, with the hope of preventing a large number of early deaths.

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Storm ID, Altair Medical & NHS GGC develop a respiratory monitoring service for COVID-19 patients in new clinical trial

– Scottish digital transformation consultancy Storm ID, along with Altair Medical have developed a new digital solution to help predict respiratory failure in COVID-19 patients. The solution is being trialled in a new clinical research study commissioned by the University of Glasgow following funding from Scottish Government Chief Scientist Office.

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Major advances and developments at Altair Medical

- As 2020 draws to a close, Dr Bruce Henderson (CEO) reviews the major advances and developments at Altair Medical during the year.

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Altair Medical accelerates development schedule by adopting FDA cleared cloud data management platform

- Altair Medical (“Altair”) aims to revolutionize care for respiratory symptoms and diseases with its advanced, remote respiratory monitoring platform. The company, which was awarded FDA Breakthrough Medical Device designation earlier this year, today announced that it had chosen to transition to Galen Data’s cloud platform to accelerate commercial development of its platform.

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Altair medical achieves FDA breakthrough status

– Altair Medical, developing a groundbreaking solution to the global opioid crisis today announces that the FDA have awarded the company Breakthrough Medical Device Status for its RESPMETERTM wearable biosensor device.


Join a dynamic team, advancing technical innovation in Digital Health

Our culture

Work in an exciting and fast paced collaborative environment helping to advance technical innovation in digital health

Our benefits

Altair offers a flexible approach to work that offers a life-work balance with a combination of office and/or remote working arrangements to suit your individual needs

Our impact

Our aim is to transform patient outcomes with the products and services we create

QA Tester

As a Quality Assurance Tester your role will be predominantly reviewing software and experimental requirements and creating test scenarios to ensure tests meet the requirements of our products, covering function and usability and quality.

Senior management team

Dr Bruce Henderson
Dr Bruce Henderson

Founder and CEO

Jonathan Guthrie
Jonathan Guthrie

Chairman and Co-founder

Chris Trueman
Chris Trueman

Chief Technology Officer

Dr Osian Meredith
Dr Osian Meredith

Chief Commercial Officer

Chris Wardhaugh
Chris Wardhaugh

Commercial Advisor / Non-Executive Director

Project team

Sambit Paul

Senior Data Scientist / AI Developer

Vinay Pisharody

Data Scientist / AI Developer

Stuart Kelly

Product Design Consultant

Dr Brian Kidd

Medical Advisor

Alexander Adam

Pharmacy Director and Co-founder

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